Nicole Chew (24/5/2011)
Received the goods alr, quality is good, love it, 100% cotton, is soft, baby sure will feel comfortable ... :D

Ani (26/5/2011)
Receive the goods today, fast delivery and superb quality. I like you close followup to you customer and fast delivery service, keep it up. I'm sure will continual buying from you again.

Leen (30/5/2011)
I love the clothes, and it really branded as promised!

Li (30/5/2011)
Received goods on the next day, love the fabric quality, Thank you.

Eleen (2/5/2011)
I got the t-shirt. Like the material and it looks good. Thanks.

Jeannie (8/6/2011)
I'd received the parcel just now~ The quality very good and thanks for the good services~!. If there is any new products, pls tag me as soon as possible, cuz ur stocks quite fast sold off^^

Ameen (14/6/2011)
Received goods, next day delivery, very fast, just like promised. Quality is great! My son sure love it very much.

Hus (15/6/2011)
Received the goods, LOVE the quality and the price offered. I definitely will buy from you again. You should consider increase more products, such as shoe, pyjamas, stocking etc...

May Toh (4/7/2011)
The ordered product arrived as promised, on time and in good condition. Thumbs up to the service standard!

Shziey Kp (5/7/2011)
Yup.. Dh dpt,, 0key!! Cantik!! Dear, bju guess tue saiz 2 ade lg x?? Nk kasi kt anak buah...

Alya Ibrahim (20/7/2011)
dah dapat parcel semlm.. baju ok, tp masih besar lg.. kena simpan lg... nice quality, i like the pants... nanti kalau ada lagi baju baby boy, mintak tag pada saya ye.. he's 7 months old.. tapi i suka beli yang besar punya...