Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rare Editions

Rare Edition 2 piece
Made by Rare Edition, 100% cotton
12M: Chest - 46cm, Length - 34cm
Pants - Waist - 44cm, Length - 39cm - SOLD
24M: Chest - 50cm, Length - 36cm
Pants - Waist - 48cm, Length - 42cm
3Y: Chest - 52cm, Length - 40cm
Pants - Waist - 50cm, Length - 43cm - SOLD
4Y: Chest - 56cm, Length - 42cm
Pants - Waist - 52cm, Length - 45cm
5Y: Chest - 58cm, Length - 43cm - SOLD
Pants - Waist - 56cm, Length - 49cm

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch shirt
Made by Pumpkin Patch
6M-12M: Chest - 54cm, Length: 35cm
12M-18M: Chest - 56cm, Length: 37cm - SOLD
24M: Chest - 60cm, Length: 40cm - SOLD
3Y: Chest - 64cm, Length: 43cm
4Y: Chest - 66cm, Length: 47cm

Jumping Bean

Jumping Bean Purple shirt
Made by Jumping Bean, 100% cotton
6M-9M: Chest - 52cm, Length 30cm
12m: Chest - 54cm, Length - 31cm
18m: Chest - 56cm, Length - 34cm
24M: Chest - 58cm, Length - 35cm

Baby Romper

Sesamstreet Blue Baby Romper
100% cotton
Size 6-9m - Chest - 44cm, Length 40cm

Snoopy Pink Baby Romper
100% cotton
Size 6-9m - Chest - 46cm, Length 41cm - SOLD


Carter's Romper 2 piece
Made by Carter's, 100% cotton.
3M: Chest - 46cm, Length - 37cm
Pants - Waist - 38cm, Length - 36cm

6M: Chest - 48cm, Length - 38cm
Pants - Waist - 40cm, Length - 38cm

9M: Chest - 50cm, Length - 41cm
Pants - Waist - 42cm, Length - 41cm

12M: Chest - 52cm, Length - 44cm
Pants - Waist - 46cm, Length - 44cm

Carter's napkin

Carter's Romper 3 piece
Made by Carter's, 100% cotton.
NB: Chest - 32cm, Length - 36cm
Pants - Waist - 34cm, Length - 24cm

3M: Chest - 38cm, Length - 39cm
Pants - Waist - 36cm, Length - 30cm

6M: Chest - 40cm, Length - 41cm - SOLD
Pants - Waist - 38cm, Length - 33cm

9M: Chest - 42cm, Length - 42cm
Pants - Waist - 40cm, Length - 36cm

12M: Chest - 44cm, Length - 44cm - SOLD
Pants - Waist - 42cm, Length - 41cm

Baby GAP

 Baby GAP White shirt
Made by BabyGAP, 100% cotton
12m-18m: Chest - 46cm, Length - 33cm - SOLD
18m-24m: Chest - 48cm, Length - 34cm - SOLD
3Y: Chest - 52cm, Length - 38cm - SOLD
4Y: Chest - 54cm, Length - 40cm
5Y: Chest - 56cm, Length - 41cm

Baby GAP Green shirt
Made by BabyGAP, 100% cotton
9M-12M: Chest - 40cm, Length 34cm
12m-18m: Chest - 46cm, Length - 33cm
18m-24m: Chest - 48cm, Length - 36cm
2Y: Chest - 52cm, Length - 38cm
3Y: Chest - 54cm, Length - 40cm
4Y: Chest - 56cm, Length - 41cm

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Faded Glory Pajamas

Faded Glory Pajamas - Lovely Pink Color
Made by Faded Glory
Size: 18m (shoulder: 20cm, length: 30cm, pants length: 46cm, waist: 42cm) available

Carter's Girl Long Sleeve

GT137 Carter's Pink Color Long Sleeve
Made by Carter's
9m or shoulder: 21cm, length: 30cm - available


Burberry Girl dress (Red)
Made by Burberry
Size: M (3-4y or shoulder: 23cm, Length: 46cm) SOLD
L (4-5y or shoulder: 24cm, Length: 42cm) available
XXL (6-7y or shoulder: 25cm, length: 46cm) SOLD

Burberry T-shirt

Burberry Sunshine Red Boy T-shirt
Made by Burberry
Size: 5 (3-4y or shoulder: 27cm, length: 39cm) SOLD
7 (4-5y or shoulder: 28cd, length: 40cm) SOLD
9 (5-6y or shoulder: 29cm, length: 44cm) SOLD
11 (6-7y or shoulder: 30cm, length: 45cm) SOLD
13 (7-8y or shoulder: 31cm, length: 47cm) available
Usual RM32, NOW ONLY RM24

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Polo blue shirt
Made by Polo
Size: 5 (3-4Y or Shoulder: 25cm, Length: 41cm) SOLD
7 (4-5Y or Shoulder: 27cm, Length: 42cm) SOLD
9 (5-6Y or Shoulder: 28cm, Length: 45cm) available
11 (6-7Y or Shoulder: 30cm, Length: 46cm) SOLD

Polo red boy t-shirt (Mercer Polo Team)
Made by Polo
Size : M (5-6 Y or Shoulder : 30cm, Length : 45cm) available

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren red shirt
Made by Ralph Lauren
Size: S (2-3Y or Shoulder: 28cm, Length: 41cm) available
M (3-4Y or Shoulder: 30cm, Length: 44cm) available
L (4-5Y or Shoulder: 31cm, Length: 47cm) available
XL (5-6Y or Shoulder: 33cm, Length: 49cm) available
XXL (6-7Y or Shoulder: 35cm, Length: 52cm) available


Timberland brown boy t-shirt
Made by Timberland
Size: 122 (6-7Y or Shoulder: 28cm, Length: 46cm) available

Timberland Red boy t-shirt
Made by Timberland
Size: 122 (6-7Y or Shoulder: 28cm, Length: 43cm) available


Guess green boy t-shirt
Made by Guess
Size : 122 (6-7Y or Shoulder : 27cm, Length : 43cm) available

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carter's Boy Top+pants

BT94 Carter's Gray Boy Top+pants 100% cotton
Made by Carter's
Top Size :12-18 month (Shoulder : 21cm, Length :32cm) available
Pants size : 12-18 months (Waist : 40cm, Length : 40cm) available

Boy Jeans

 BP79 Custom Design Boy Jeans (Belt included)
Made by high quality fabric 
Size :14 (3-4 year or Waist : 50cm, Length : 40cm) available

Saturday, May 21, 2011


GS145 Strawberry Girl dress 100% cotton
Made by high quality smooth fabric
Size : 9 (4y-5y or Shoulder : 25cm Length : 46cm, body height : 105cm-115cm) available
Normal - RM35, Now - RM25

GS147 Strawberry Girl dress 100% cotton
Made by high quality smooth fabric 
Size : 11 (5y-6y or Shoulder : 27cm, Length : 45cm, body height : 115cm-125cm) available
Normal - RM35, Now - RM25

Osh Kosh B'gosh

BT90 Osh Kosh B'gosh Boy T-shirt  100% cotton
Made by OshKosh B'gosh, big cutting
Size : 18 -36month (Shoulder : 26cm, Length : 34cm) available


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